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quotes & poems by Susana B ©

• If you can't live up to the truth, you can't live up to anything.
• Only you know your full capabilities, don't limit yourself.
• It's the little changes that make life fun.
• I want someone who will steal my heart, then give it rite back.

Children's Fable
The 3 Bear's Christmas


*new  Buried
Buried in white
Covered, still, frozen
Creamed - 2/13 #88

*new  The Promise
New Year’s Day
Another chance
A new beginning
Senses are heightened
Awareness Keen
We hope, we bargain, we state, we plan
Though this year the pawn declares checkmate
For this year is decided
That every day of the year will be new
And every new opportunity in each and every day will be taken and made the most of. - 1/13 #87

My Neighbor, The Past
Living across the street from your past
He shows up without warning
A sudden knock at the door
No greeting
He goes into direct questioning
Always the same old past
He is never changing
So settle yet pointed
You could move, though there always seems to a neighbor like him
So best to make amends and be at ease with him. - 3/12 #86

Rev Hip
He stands in front of us with his dapper tie and tight tush
A prim-n-proper look that easily breaks into mischief
It’s the devil’s smile he bares and a heart of gold he wears
He tells stories of truth with sporadic sarcasm, to remind us life’s beauty can be unpredictable and disguised.
He can only have a hint of the seeds he plants
Some of us are quick to blossom others soak-n-sulk then crack-n-craves here-n-there,
   till finally all is exposed with nowhere left to hide.
He knows and shares his soul and dares us to seek-n-share ours.
He is a soul man who dances and prances as only a real man can.
- inspired by Rev Chris, Center for Spiritual Living of Kansas City. - 8/11 #85

Relishing Recovery
A gentle snow and a whispering wind.
I don’t feel it for it is passing me by with the rest of the world.
I reveal in my cocoon of recovery, letting in only what and whom I choose.
Relishing the world I created, taking bits and pieces in at my leisure.
Making no demands of myself. Relying on others, how strange for me – though how nice for a change.
What will I take with me when I go back out?
           The gentleness
          The pace
          The ‘let it go’
          The realization of what little is needed for my happiness. . - 2/12 #84

God´s Waiting Room
In the hospitals, are the reflections of our neighborhoods. All clustered are we despite color, age, class, vitality, education or beauty.

Stripped of our bearings and pride. All there for the same purpose – to be at peace with whatever is ailing us. We are longing too soon laugh, smile, be happy and be ourselves again.

In the hallways are our angels: the nurses, doctors, staff and the ‘oh so special‘ visitors. All caring mercy and hope in their hearts and hands.

The chaplains, ministers, brothers, sisters and the black shrouded priests, rabbis and Muslims, sit with us as we reveal the holes that are in us. They give us seeds to plant in these holes that will nourish us during this drought.

Many of us return to our world of sun, breeze, workdays and weekends. Back in our homes nestled in our neighborhood.

A few of us are called to a shiny box, varnished till it reflects those we love and trimmed in bright gold. Sitting on an alter where our praise and glory reverberates throughout.

God’s waiting rooms knows and sees all kinds. It is humanities waiting place of care. - 1/12 #83

 sick of waiting
By body waits, it waits through the pain, stillness and a drawn out recovery

My mind tries to race ahead, though it gets pulled back, confused, then it tries to come to terms

I am connected to tubes, connected to machines, vital signs recorded

The sounds of beeping, echoes in the hallway, the dull T.V.. My own raspy breathe betraying me.

Before me is a plain closet, empty chair and bare wall; to the side a curtain and another wall - all too close. Each day, each hour, each time I open my eyes … the same.

I know no windows, breeze and coolness. Only hot sweat, parched mouth, too chapped lips.

The smell of alcohol, medicine, my body odor. How does one endure?

My minuscule comforts … friends and family on good days of bearable pain. Quick visits with cards, food and flowers left behind, reminders of the world  outside. Of nurses that are capable and experienced during my times of greatest need. Of chaplains and prayer that give me insights to carry onward. Of my release date, when all this is left behind … and I am part of my world again. - 1/12 #82

cysts are weak
Cyst, abnormal mass, hysterectomy
This is my new vocabulary24x24x14 cm
These are the new sizes of my body

Doctors and nurses have seen my kind come and go
I sit in bewilderment of it all

It’s the going that mystifies me
Where will these hot holes take me, these masses of confusion have confounded me

What do they want of me
Why are they angry with me

I lie like a potato sack
Yet still they angry with me

I exercise
Still they angry with me

I go about my business
Still they angry with me

Another one appears, another hurt felt
What have I done

I search outside for answers
I search inside for strength

They are tiny compared to all else I am
They are incompetent compared to what all others know of them

Others have seen them come and go
I have not, but I will - 1/12 #81


suspended cadillac
It lays suspended above, like a dream
Hovering above in heavenly white, spreading its silver fins, with a sparkling trim
An ode to the America’s 1950s love affair
The mechanic eyes its every grease spot and laden metal, seeing only a delicate beauty as he cradles and polishes
  its new part
In our minds eye we are cruising Route 66, past the plentiful fields, diners, and good-natured people, into the sunset
All are reflecting in the gleam of the Cadillac’s hood
A simpler time from a century ago
We are transported by this majestic time machine - 12/11 #80

surrendering souls
Take off your shoes and stay
Let me be your gateway
To places you’ve kept at bay

We’ll travel far and wide
Yet never leave the inside

The uncertain roads go in and out
They are full of doubts

We push-on and sometimes push-back
We trip and fall and have set-backs

We’ll experience it all
With each day in awe

We never know what we know now
That what may come will come
And what we have will hold
For it is bold and we have been sold
On a life for the old. - 11/11 #79

Roots are what we know
They are who we are
What we are born to
All the other labels of professions and interests seem put upon us. Learned. What we
choose to be. What we’ve become.

But who we were is who we are, for we cannot change who we wereSo we endeavor in it
Or we accept and move on
Or we become anchored by its weight, never to be free of it.- 11/11 #78


giving gratitude
By reading this, you’ve chosen to be in a moment of gratitude
Thus, honoring all you have received
In this moment and in moments to come, we share with each other kind words and actions, which we pass along
To you and those around you, I give a gift of gratitude and a Happy Thanksgiving- 11/11 #77

casual uniform
He wore my father’s uniform
Tan shirt and tan pants
Though his was more casual, rounded and lean
A lighter step he takes
Though as a professor you would think his step as heavier
My father never gained a diploma though he spoke with ease
His step was set, stern and stable
Qualities similar to the checkered logo of Purina on his tan uniform, below his blue collar
But before that he and the other were farmers
Men who believe in an honest day’s work and practical ways
And it is these two boys who lay the greatest claim to this spontaneous city girl’s heart.- 11/11 #76

one body to another
My body responds to yours
It reaches, intertwines, enfolds and becomes captivated by yours
When we come together my body is not mine, nor yours yours, but ours become one
We take deep breaths in, become exhilarated and intoxicated together
We relish each other’s thoughts and touches, and join them with our own
Our union is there when apart
Its riches spill over to other areas, which bask and grow in the light
What we do and who we are, are not another, but one - 11/11 #75


golden doings
A charming little town nestled in the foothills of browns, tans, and rusted orange
No hurry
Everything is at its own pace pace in order to take it all in
There is a chair along the rippling creek for one in solitude
Angled in such a way that the sun shimmers water rite up to you
The natives have weathered skin like leather from their golden sun and restless wind
A community that keeps its own time, style and outlook.
It cherishes itself in its ways, never intruding always inviting you to partake. - 11/11 #74

a cool spat
A cool spat in the heavy haze of summer
People now moving about with ease
Released of the burdon
Their warn down mask replaced with
Sensations we haven’t known for so long
When was the last time it rained?
Of willing clouds that hover and pour
A cover we wish not to relinquish, to throw on when desired- 8/11 #73

penetrating rain
Sensations we haven’t known for so long
Greens are deeper
Flowers more vibrant
The air fresher
Moving mist
A moody sky of dark suspended clouds
With colors of deep blues, purples     touches of pink, yellow
The dry weathered world soaks it all in and seals its promising kiss of more to come- 8/11 #72


it goes on
The land goes on
The sky goes on
Winter goes
Where do we go?
Temporary we are, though we think not.
What we see we see as ours, though it is not
What we hear often has greater truth then what we say
How we do often speaks truer then what we do
What we do as one has little consequence to what we do as many
There is no greater thought, words, nor actions then making what surround us that goes on, continue to go on. - 8/11 #71

as I was saying
Saying little to the right person at the right time, and all is heard
Saying a lot to the wrong person at the wrong time, and none is heard
So let the wrong moments pass with no effort or worry and seize the right moments withtruths in brevity.. - 5/11 #70

to be a tree
Never to wonder here or there
To stand tall and steadfast
To reach so high and be rooted so deep
With commanding shadows that are even taller
To have a rhythm of budding, blooming, and baring
To have a time of hibernation with no expectations
To be reserve and quiet
To just be - 5/11 #69


grant wood country
Rolling Hills and cotton ball trees
Going on as far as the eye can see
Round are the shapes
In a green canvas cape
No sky scrapper, no great steeple
Just simple places and hard working people. - 4/11 #68

Road Tripping
Billboards that are bigger then life
And signs that say “Jesus Saves Lives”

The roads limitless
And cities need to stay within their limits

The sun, the rain, the weather can raise holy-cane
The taste of the road is like a bitter sugar cane

We pull over at the diner
Pan-fried chicken, roasted potatoes, and apple pie is what’s for dinner

The radio belts out tunes
We don’t care that they are old and we are out-of-tune

Rear view mirror décor
Reflects a life of ease and no decorum

The wind blows and we are refreshed
Life on the road is never dull though fresh

In the horizon the sun sets.
No, we’re not the jet set,
We’re the ole Chevrolet set. - 4/11 #67

 this ain’t no joke
We toke
We smoke
It is a wonder we don’t choke
Caffeinated Coke
Genetically altered yoke
Polluted till our lungs are socked
We’re willing to spend it all till we’re broke
It is me that I poked
I was asleep in this heap, but now I woke.
I am not going to be your common bloke
I am in revoke
And have removed this hazy lazy cloak. - 3/11 #66


Poets Unite
A gathering of loners
Who articulate
   detailed observations
   and deepest thoughts
They share, define and defy poetry
Expressing to, challenging and inspiring one another
Isolation becomes a mutual kinship
   that they draw upon in days, weeks, and years to come. - 3/11 #65
- Inspired by the Poet Laureatti Convergence, Lawrence, KS; March 13-14, 2011

dating dare
Challenging my world of singleton
Quiet nites, reserve demure
Neither flirtations nor advancements
Then in revolt of a world too meek and meager
I pursue remote possibilities at hand (lookout you're a walking target)
Tell friends and family of desires
   (stop wondering what she is doing wrong or what is wrong with her and act on her behalf,set her up with a warm body beau)
Join the online dating scene (technology is prevalent) of intimate stranger profiling
   (why would you think a girl wants to see a pic of a man with a dead fish)
To a world of delights, doubts, and unknown (for better or for worse)
Determine to leave ‘one’ behind in order to find the one (how many duds and ‘this ones got potential’, does it take?) 2/11 #64

cult culture
A happening
An event
The here and now
….. Cultivating culture of the extremes.  3/11 #63


winter's world
The world is white, still, undisturbed
A blanket of snow muffles all
The wind whispers, the sun abandons
The cold rattles and seeps in
As I stay within
An isolated admirer beholding to extremes. 12/10 #62

prickly fingers
The frozen white branches
Reach out and up as if a multitude of prickly fingers grasping the sun’s warmth
Ascending from a crooked spine of bark
From darkness to lite
Reflecting the rhythm of the day, the rhythm of the seasons, the rhythm of life. 12/10 #61

rose colored
We see a colored world
Interrupted by a mind tinted with opinions experiences and preferences
We wash over it letting through only colors and perspectives that insight us
We apply a gloss that distorts the rough surfaces
Outline the edges so we have boundaries
Fill voids with dark saturations till we can no longer see through
Hylite accents that enhance our best features and cast the rest to the shadows
What we see is limited and our articulation can reflect or (compensate) for it.  12/10 #60


only if
I wait only to hurry and then wait again
What am I waiting for?
Whom am I waiting for?
I am waiting for me
For me to live, to laugh, to linger,... to lapse
To be without wanting, idealizing, strategizing, to say only if
To accept where I am, to move forward, not in leaps but in simple steps
In simple steps I go  12/10 #59

growing into ourselves
Boys take a hand
Girls let go of one
Boys build their world
Girls order theirs
Boys put in motion
Girls put in place
Boys look out
Girls look up
They come into their own
By achieving, by understanding, by failing, by picking themselves up  
Taking stumbling stones on destine paths. 12/10 #58

textbooks to nursery rhymes
A midlife crises interrupted by rattles and mobiles
Repeating midnite feedings and rocking new wonders
Bottle warmers that will be first time empty nesters when old timers on Medicare
Simultaneously sending off to college and dropping off to daycare
A house full of primary colors, nursery rhymes, textbooks and equations
Revitalized and tireless on extended wear  12/10 #57


pushing Forward
The single Father readies their day
Him, a black coffee, the boys a creamy meal
With a stern gentleness he helps with their school packs
The morning is brisk though the car is plush, the drive just on the other side of the neighborhood
Before the boys leave the car, he reminds them of their lists
They depart; he is taken back at how they are growing into themselves with each stride they take
The car again in gear, as he makes his way through the day for the three of them 12/10 #56

pushing Through
The single Mother readies their day
She her black coffee, the child a creamy meal
Coats are buttoned, hers faded with worn edges, the child’s is new, for he’s growing into himself
The faithful car starts again, to carry them through the brisk day
Before he leaves the car, she reminds them of their lists
He departs, she’s alone
He dashes away, she sits, a moment goes by
Then the car is once more put into gear
Another brave day to do 12/10 #55

in the moment
No tasks
No lists
No schedules
No devices
To be
To listen
To converse
To reconfirm
To enlighten  12/10 #54


quiet sensation
You are the one I been waiting for
Your look into me resonates
A gentleness envelopes
We plan, though not scheme
Hope though not wait
We move past words to a deeper place. 12/10 #53

prairie people
We are of the golden prairie
We stand tall and yield when needed, yet are steadfast
We stand next to one another, to hold each other up
We are simplistic and don’t require much to prosper, thus we are plentiful and content
We reflect the sun and weather all seasons
We are always here and slow to change, thus we are steady and assured
We value what is golden, as in the golden rule, what is true and community
We are dedicated and practical
We nurture what we have for we have proven it yields when doing so
We harvest what is golden  11/10 #52

endless days
Have you ever wished for an endless day?
Full of new awakenings
Aspirations pouring in
A drunkenness of self
An addiction to surroundings and those around you
Have you ever wanted a day of being?
Knowing you were doing what you were meant to do
Being where you needed to be
Saying what needed to be heard
Hearing what reached deep inside
Did you ever have a day where everything changed?
A pivoting point of progression
A day of your mind opening
Everything seemingly falls into place
Don’t you have the possible in possession now?
Your thoughts, determination and commitment
What are you waiting for?
Make this moment into one of change, an endless time of awakening and advancing.  11/10 #51


muddy mo: River Runs (1 of 5)
The river runs through us
We join her momentarily
A drift, caught up in its ways
When we take leave, she still runs through us  10/10 #50

muddy mo: Drawn (2 of 5)
It unites Montana, the Dakotas, Nebraska, here
It passes us by and yet it is still here
It moves us along the shore, yet we are still here
We are here, because it is here  10/10 #49

muddy mo: Rhythm of Life (3 of 5)
It flows, it rocks, it rolls us along
Her rhythm is of life
It is what draws us, quenches us
And keeps us coming back for more  10/10 #48

muddy mo: Steady Raves (4 of 5)
Steady as she goes
Then rave to the rails
Below is a mystery
Above she shines, wakes, flows, ...  10/10 #47

muddy mo: Water’s Edge (5 of 5)
Standing on the edge between
what can be held, what runs through
Known, unknown
A rhythm uneven and of untamed blend  10/10 #46


The claimed path had a stake that was clearer
Though as I traveled this path of shoulds, routines and external expectations,
    it become worn and took me deeper  into the shadows as I took on more responsibilities and yeses
Then a part of the path veered
I was hesitant for it was less worn
Some take only a few steps, then find it too difficult to clear
A few who stay on it become lost
Fewer yet find a way, shared secrets of clearing the path to reach the destination of ourselves
As we journey with ourselves we still have turns, shadows and stand stills, though we listen to ourselves and realize
   the answer is there.
It is there that our journey should always start and end, with ourselves.  09/10 #45

Curls that wildly spring in every direction
Ash blond with streaks of red
Jet black rich and full
Short spiky points
Tangled long hair
Perfectly straight hair that yields to shape
Stokes of gray that appear and disappear
Patches of bold, thinning and shining
Ponytails, pigtails, braids, buns and dreads
Hats, caps, wraps, pins, bands and barrettes
Our unique crowning glories
We wear them so well, like no one else
We let it be, manage it, let it slip or never slide
These crowns display who we are, how we live, how we wear.   09/10 #44

you are airborne
you are grounded by shoes
though your thoughts, ideas, and delights are up here
you listen for inspiration
and speak with articulation
you see in vivid colors, in dimensions, and in light
your hands can reach above all else
you are up here with me, we have lifted one another  08/10 #43


precious moments
Darkness comes too soon
The lingering light becomes softer and it concedes wieldy
The shadows are quicker
And I bruise easier
The seasons are shorter
And the years more so
I hold on longer and it slips away faster
Sentimentalism is my friendly foe   08/10 #42

the net
Loosely woven
Though continuous
A pattern of voids
More gaps to fall through
Than structure to uphold   08/10 #41

the hot air burns
It creates a wall so thick
I slowly slice through it
The sun is beating me down
My skin touches the searing ground
The light is a blaze and sends me to shade
At nite the wind lifts up
The trees have rich shadows
The darkness is comforting and I am open
The cool air consoles  08/10 #40


lingering light
The light leaves the room
Shadows become deeper and darker
Illuminated windows, now voids
Lost are colors and definitions
I watch, wait and wallow for the light   07/10 #39

Tantalizing thoughts
What we want but cannot have
How does one escape
That ever agonizing pull
Once we do have it, is it ever as good as we imagine it?
Only if we can tempt another by having what they want  07/10 #38

among the trees
I live amongst the trees
They stand sturdy, then sway and rumble with thunder
They extend their branches to my house
The birds flutter over oblivious to my watch
The squirrels jump, lung, and scurry
My dog leaps at them, scaling the railing, ready to fly
Then after one flite, she only leaps now
I look out to the green leaves, brown branches, blue skies and white puffy clouds
I have trees extending their home into mine  06/10 #37


steadfast warriors
He tasted the blood from the cut on his lip
Evidence of the foul just committed
He eyed his goal
Aligned himself
Paused, measured
Charged and struck
As warriors had done before, noblemen for their cause, their comrades, their country
But for today the win was not his
A win seemed to elude him, his team, his country
It seamed to elude the other teams as ties were called, prolonging decisiveness
A scoreless game turns to overtime
Then a charge was made from the opposite end of the field
The ball bouncing from foot to foot, from team member to team member
Their goal was in striking distance; a play for it was made
Though blocked by the defender
The ball was no ones as it ricochets toward another warrior
The warrior made a sudden but decisive kick
No looking back, all moves forward now
The crowds erupted, in the stadium and all over the land
He was elated, as many were elated and relieved
No fouls on this goal, all ties were broken
The man, the team, the country had its victory.   06/10 #36

They gave to the only country they knew
They gave their youth and vigor
They gave willingly to a cause they may not have understood, though to comrade values they shared
They gave while waiting and in uncertainty of battle
They gave through the heat and sweat , through the cold and chill
They gave while on the routine of patrol and in uncertainty
They gave while in anguish, peril and while in pain
They gave tears to the fellow soldier slumped next to them
They gave voice to their names
Some eventually gave their last breath
What they all gave we shall never know, though we remember, respect and appreciate.   05/10 #35

They huddle against the darkest of nites and the darkest of days
They beg on the street, off to the side
They have no order, no time, no choice
They have so little and a little means so much
They are We for We are They
We have the same words, hopes, fears and tears
We have the power to restore, rejoice, and to lift up our hands, heads, and hearts
For we are One   05/10 #34


Moment by moment you go
Day by day you live
As you go and as you live are you there?
Or are you remembering yesterday and hoping for tomorrow?
Make the most of the moment
Make the most of the day
You’ll then make the most of your life.   05/10 #33

pink pill hats
The checkered floors
A jukebox in every booth
Glamour pictures on the wall
And chrome that distorts reflections
More was more
Cars were spacious, curves at every bend
The young were defining youth and rock-n-roll
The future was theirs till it was robbed by war – hats become helmets, pink become red, and pills become
   ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds.’   05/10 #32

rothko’s revelation
Deep saturations
Intense solids
Building blocks
Stacked though not touching
The same though separate
Varied yet equal
They funnel down
You along with them
Lost in hues
Of pure abstraction   05/10 #31


mind mining
I never stop
I never stop long enough to empty my mind
To let it wonder
To let it pause
It never rests
To many to-do-lists, schedules, interruptions, and aspirations
Though, but, what if.
A deep sigh
close my eyes
head out the door
down a rural road
to a creek
grass is green
sun is warm
water reflective
sit, stretch, listen
listen to the external,
letting the sun melt the internal
and the water wash it away   05/10 #30

sheared success
Heart pounding
Mind buzzing
The moment has arrived
What to do next
Who to tell next
You’re paralyzed
Pencil drawn
Task crossed off
Short messages sent
Competent cries for help made   05/10 #29

the next big thing
It’s here.
The next big thing.
No longer do you have to wait.
To wonder. To ponder.
There is no learning curve.
No accessories. No expense.
In fact it has always been here.
The big bang is back.
You are here.
It is here.
It is now.   05/10 #28


the web
Strands connecting
Stringing from place to place
We delight in its structure
Delicately Interwoven
Steadfast mechanism
Not something we can hold, nor touch
Only something to be caught in   05/10 #27

The anticipation grows the nearer we are
We smile and giggle recalling past delights
Before turning each corner we know the streets, its houses, trees, décor
If there is something out of place or new, we don’t see it
Memory overcomes reality
Childhood is revealed and adulthood abandon
The safety, hopes, and joys are restored
We are renewed by the past.   05/10 #26

It happen
Just like that
What a delight
You’ve been waiting... waiting... waiting
Then things clicked
A maybe or wait and see becomes a YES
The plans you’ve been holding off on can be revived, detailed, set in motion.
No longer do you need to hold back, no false hope, and no ‘if only’
You have arrived   05/10 #25


exploding saturations
They explode in numbers too many to count, bursting in red, yellow, pink, purple, and a chartreuse
Year after year they pop, dispersing in brilliance
Their enduring quality doesn't give hint to their silky armor, steams of steel, and machetes of green
They last a few weeks, then shards of silk litter the ground
Till next year when they catch us by surprise again   04/10 #24

spring sprung sizzle
From white to green
Bare to sprouts
Frost to dew
Snow to rain
Ice to puddles
Cold to cool
Freeze to breeze
The Spring Sprung Sizzle   04/10 #23

fancying fantasies
Reluctantly we awake
Reminiscing on thoughts
Wrapped in a world of warp circumstances and characters
An escape down Alice’s hole into Neverland we go
To places of Hobbits, Muchicans, Oompa-Loompas and Gringotts’ Goblins
Fancying fantasies of pompous possibilities   04/10 #22


i am
'I am' of this moment
Not dwelling on the past nor brainstorming of the future
Not wishing or thinking ‘only if’
Looking around I see a rich world worth appreciating ‘as is’   04/10 #21

winter thaw
The sun is out, sparse patches of snow, even fewer spots of ice
We come out of our holes uncertain at first, and then quickly embrace what we knew to be coming,
though had tired of predicting when
We open up as blossoms, shedding our coats and exposing ourselves to rejuvenation
The doom and gloom of disbelief, is replaced by the coy and joy of relief   03/10 #20

what i say
We say just to be saying
Then realize we said what we didn't mean
Sometimes we say nothing at all
Which can speak more volumes then having said
We babble, command, order, plea, ask, interpret, explain, clarify, yell, shrill, shout, pray, whisper, state, invite, exasperate
These are how we say, what we say, when we say   03/10 #19


bone chilling
Bone chilling
Teeth chattering
Day after day
Wears thin
White buildings beside you
White cars in front of you
No white lines on the road, just a sea of snow   01/10 #18

snow spines
The crispy spinal fingers of snow
set against dark bark
on a wintry white nite
with a black backdrop and moon spotlite   12/09 #17

rural echoes
It bellows over the hills and valleys.
Where microcosms of humans, animals, plants and buildings lay.
Clustering together each the same yet different, they vary like the days, seasons and years.
Differing in temperature and cages of sunny, cold, harsh and mild.
Divided by trees, creeks, fences and distance.
Steadfast yet occasionally brushing up against one another, like the wind carrying pollen.
When they land, some give way to bigger microcosms, or become barren and still, or land next to where they
   have fallen from, slightly changing the winds current around them.
It is the barren that has recently become more known. The clusters are now of only empty structures
   that the wind echoes through.   11/09 #16


Promises kept.
Promises broken.
The most significant are the ones made to ourselves.
Yet these are the ones usually forgotten, denied, or set aside.   11/09 #15

never ending joy
She lies at my feet
and reaches my heart.
She knows no Shakespeare, Relativity, Nintendo, nor of traveling abroad, and nothing of her future.
She has this moment with me by her side
as we walk our path, a route of never ending joy and new finds.   11/09 #14

abandoned but not forgotten
Memories echo like this creaky floor
stirring what once was.
Reaching back into the light
of delights and shadows.
It was a time of wonder.
I was slip then
and everything was new.
I had shine and reflected.
As once did this creaky floor.   Halloween 2009; inspired by Delights & Shadows poetry, author Ted Kooser


african tree
I asked a tribesman 'why do these trees have a flat top?'
"Flat gives birds soft land in desert
giraffes have plate
ground has cover from three day rain
Spirit wants you and me to wonder on trees."   8/09 #12

concave cocoons
We sit in our cocoons of air conditioners and heaters, bottled water and screens galore,
all the best and brightest our generations can afford.
What are we protecting ourselves from?
What are we hiding from?
What are we evolving into?   7/09 #11

this little lite
A crescent moon in its last hour
The sky goes from dark to lite, 
Black to blue, royal to cyan
Clouds move in, day consumes
The slight lite of brilliant illumination seen by all, fades to barely seen at all
So we shine while we can   7/09 #10


love least legalities
A love of sharing
A love of fulfillment
A love of time
A love of endurance
A love that changes yet is always there
No bonds of license, religion, children nor ring
Bonds by knowing, comfort and growth
A bond of being   4/09 #9

symphony mix
    strong  yet  delicate
    expansive  yet  condensed
    rapid  yet  percise
    controlled  yet  unleashed
    clarity  yet  clustered
    abrupt  yet  lingering
    commanding  yet  inquiring
Ooo sweet strong scenarios come touch me again.
Whisper and rage, let me ride your waves.   4/09 #8

the opportunity
She watches and waits
Takes a few steps forward
Her prey is unaware
A few more steps toward
Then she lunges
Her prey reacts
The three-second chase is on
On her hind legs the setter stares up the tree at the squirrel in disbelief,
   as if this is not the way it usually ends.
It is the chance, the possibility, her drive and intuition.
She is not inhibited as I, by failures and the past.
She rejoices in the moment.
Pursuing the opportunity.   3/09 #7


perfect christmas morn
Virgin snow, mist above an icy creek, the rising sun warming bare branches.
Calm and quiet as ground, water, and trees are covered white – becoming one.
Small sounds resonate, snow crunching under foot, water trickling, breaking free of ice.
Water forever moving, marking that nature endures, evolv and is eternal.
Tree shadows that are straight, diagonal, curved and broken.
Browns, golds, silvers, blues, and grays display how even in simplicity nature is complex.
Shapes and waves in the snow reflect the sky and water, as the world is in unison on this perfect Christmas morn.   12/25/08 #6

an infallible mother
To a women of knowledge, strength and robust
She commands a room as well as our hearts
Her quick wit and ability to cut to the chase
   rings truth in our souls
She endures and laughs like no one we know
In a way that not only touches us,
   though shapes us all with an infallible impression of life, ourselves and her.   5/14/06 #5

a spring snow
White with peeks of green.
A Spring snow dusting the grass and yellow blossoms,
   creating a delicate balance.
Reminding us that the rhythm of life is one of surprise.
To reach gradual and steady we often see edges rub.
That what is here is unique and must be taken heed,
   for tomorrow something anew arises.   04/06 #4


swirling colors
I can see colors before my eyes
Colors driven by his touch
There is a rush of excitement, emotion, exhilaration
My head becomes lightened, becomes pure in thought
The smell of him
the taste of him,
the feel of him,
in sight is him, and only him
what I hear is him and the sounds he extracts from me
The colors of it all swirl.  10//00 #3.5

Life has many twists, many fates.
Life has brought me to this place.
Though it is a place that has always been within.
It is often a place that escapes the human kin.   04/99 #3

a father's love
To a father who first was bewildered by the bundles of joy
Whose first enduring touch was knuckle sandwiches rubbed on our heads
He grew as we grew
A man whose perseverance spoke for him
His belief in us, the encouragement in his eyes, came through
He showed us what family meant as well as hard work, simplicity, and strength
Most of all he showed us love
That love is enduring and conquers everything, even passing-on
To a man who is our only father, a grandfather and my mother's true love
May his love continue to grow through us   6/20/99 #2

There came a summer storm of purple skies
It was welcoming, refreshing
Then with wind and rage
It blew a rampage
Now it strikes a cord of unknown
A life of its own not one with others
Will it be a storm of regret or mere reminder   08/92 #1


• The heat doesn't console, it only digs a deeper hole

by SusanaB ©